5 Seconds of Summer - Youngblood

5 Seconds of Summer - Youngblood

Capitol Records

June 15th, 2018

I was originally texting my girlfriend my thoughts of the new 5sos album whilst listening to the first two singles, when she gave me the idea to turn it into a blog post instead. So here it is, my thoughts, feelings and fangirling moments of hearing Youngblood in full for the first time.

1: Youngblood. It’s impossible to not start clicking away in time with the first verse. I feel sorry for my neighbour because I’m currently blasting the album from our google home, and let me tell you, that tiny annoying thing is LOUD. This song is a pure tune, and the chorus just brings out my wonderful dad dancing into action. 

2: Want You Back. This song instantly makes me want to be sat in the back of a car, my head against the window, staring longingly outside of it. It’d be even better if it just happened to start raining. It’s dramatic as hell, and I am LIVING for it.  

3: Lie To Me. As always, a sweet and catchy as hell chorus. It’s pretty sad and relatable to pretty much anyone who has gone through a break up that they’re not completely over. My dog’s currently sat staring at me as I dramatically sing to her “I know he’s taking off your dress, I know that you don’t but if I ask you if you love me, I hope you lie, lie, lie, lie, lie to me.”

4. Valentine. What a TUNE. 10/10 bop. I’ve loved this ever since I heard it for the first time at their London show in Heaven. I don’t know if it’s just the funky melody or Michael’s voice in his solos, but I can’t handle it. I end up squealing and replaying it constantly because I miss my favourite lines, like Michael’s solo *cough*.

5. Talk Fast. Again, a damn BOP. That’s all I have to say. The chorus is great and so are the verses, aka, a bop. I just want Luke to take what he can get from me. 

6. Moving Along. So far there isn’t a single song that isn’t great. This is one hell of a tune, 10/10 break-up song. My other dog has now joined in staring at me as I dramatically sing along as if Zoe has broken my heart multiple times (disclaimer: she has not). 

7. If Walls Could Talk. This is the first song on the album that i haven’t heard before from their London show. I think it’s gonna be a grower, I can tell. It’s pretty good but not as instantly catchy as the others so far. THAT CHORUS THO. “I’d love to marry your face.” - (Hood, 2018). 

8. Better Man. I love this one. It’s honest. It’s no surprise that the 5sos boys are into partying. Ugh, it’s so SWEET. One thing I can definitely say is that this song is going to fuel all of the bad boy 5sos Wattpad fan fictions to come. 

9. More. Well fuck me, that guitar. This one definitely has a more punky style to it, which is sweet. An ‘Are You Mine?’ Arctic Monkeys kinda vibe. ASHTON SLAY THOSE DRUMS.

10. Why Won’t You Love Me. The intro is electronic as fuck and i love it. THE FEELS. I just wanna give them all a hug and tell them I love them all. I can already picture all of the flashlights and arms swaying in arenas as fans scream “Whyyyyy won’t you love me?” with tears streaming down their faces at the realisation that 5sos most likely do not know they exist. 

11. Woke Up In Japan. This is literally the sadder version of English Love Affair. The last two lines of “I woke up in Japan, woah” are giving me real Panic! Death of a Bachelor vibes and I’m not even mad about it. It works. 

12. Empty Wallets. I relate to this song too much because I am currently broke since I’m a university student AND I’ve been jobless for 6 months now. As usual, the chorus is bomb. Dad dancing my heart away. MICHAEL’S SOLO. I’M DEAD. I’m sure you’ve realised which member is my favourite now. 

13. Ghost of You. MY HEART. I’M SOBBING. I just wanna find out who hurt them so bad so I can get their location, y’know? My dog has decided to come and lay on me, I think he can tell how depressing this song is, too. Oh, no. He’s left me. Now I feel just as heartbroken.

14. Monster Among Men. What. The. Fuck. I wasn’t prepared for Michael’s solo. I feel like this has a mental health message behind it in a way, which is nice. If not, it’s relatable in that sense anyway. It’s a pretty good song, I’d probably say it’s more of a grower again, though.

15. Meet You There. That bass, Calum. You go, boy. ASHTON YES. This one is a definite bop. THAT CHORUS GOD DAMN. This is some Twenty One Pilots kinda shit, and I am loving it. They went HARD.

16. Babylon. The intro alone makes me know this is going to be one hell of a heartfelt tune. Calum Hood has made this song his bitch. I don’t know what to say, honestly. This song received the hype it deserved, and there will be riots if it isn’t on the setlist for the Meet You There tour. 

Marmozets // Southampton // 03.02.18


Engine Rooms, Southampton

3rd February, 2018

(Photo by Phoebe Lauren)

Marmozets, fronted by powerhouse vocalist Becca Macintyre, are a Yorkshire rock band that display the energetic stage performance every band should have.

Marmozets showcase the fire and passion of their latest album Knowing What You Know Now to a packed-out Engine Rooms of all ages with the energetic song ‘New Religion’. There’s no hesitancy in what they do, they know
exactly what their fans want and they give it to them with twice the intensity.

They bring something new to the table with every song. ‘Habits’ has Macintyre’s full vocal range standing out
and lingering in the atmosphere as the crowd sings along to the catchy and
complex tune.

‘Insomnia’ takes you down a slow
and winding road, a peculiar tale of sleepless nights thinking about a lover once
lost. The crowd stays enraptured from beginning to end, despite the dip in
pace, and the energy picks up as the band go straight into the audience’s
favourite, ‘Suffocation’.

The off-tempo stylings get the
place moving; the head-bangers kick into gear, matching the energy levels of
the band themselves as they jump around the stage, interacting with the

“Never give up on yourself, promise
me that,” Macintyre takes some time to talk to the crowd before the band launch
into long-time fan favourite ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’.

Marmozets aren’t just another one
of those female-fronted rock bands that seem to be cropping up everywhere. With
more than a handful of songs that could be fit for any headline festival slot,
their live efforts prove that they are the ones to keep an eye on. 

Waterparks - Entertainment

Waterparks - Entertainment

Equal Vision Records

January 26th, 2018

Back louder and better than ever before, Waterparks shows that they’re not here to mess around and brings a taste of exactly what it feels like being in love with their second full-length album, Entertainment.

First song ‘11:11’ starts with an electronic melody that makes you feel like you’ve walked into a Stranger Things episode, before layering the strong guitars and drums that Waterparks are known for to deliver a clever-worded love song for vocalist Awsten Knight’s now ex-girlfriend.

Hidden between Knight’s unusually fast lyrics are several popular culture references – referencing Cinderella and The Office, his cleverly hidden metaphors describe a time where being in love was a struggle for him mentally.

‘Peach (Lobotomy)’ opens with a catchy whistle and a soft guitar riff, making it easy to pass it off as yet another basic love song. It’s hard to ignore the clever lyricism hidden behind
the upbeat music, explaining how Knight wouldn’t adjust to the time zones when
he was on tour overseas, so he could stay awake at the same time as his
girlfriend. Using yet another metaphor, Knight describes his feelings as them
taking over himself so nothing was left but his love, as if he has received a

The next song that manages stands out in the blur of happy-go-lucky melodies is ‘Not Warriors’, a mix of vocal effects and electronic lullabies – “There’s nothing in my system so I’m feeling what I feel for you” sings Knight, explaining how he has no choice but to deal
with his feelings as he does not drink, yet sometimes wishes he did; a
reoccurring theme within Waterparks songs.

TANTRUM’ is the stand out song of the album, calling out everyone that has ever done wrong to the vocalist. Beginning with a sarcasm-filled Google Translate-inspired voice message, discussing the criticism that Waterparks has received in the past. “I resent
the party scene … its turned my starry friends into uninspired’s lacking
symmetry,” Knight sings, again mentioning his abstinence of drugs and alcohol
and his distaste for that scene.

Entertainment proves that the new Waterparks direction is as cohesive and relatable s they can get. With their music involving different elements of different genres, it is easy
to say that everyone should be able to find a song they like. They know what
they’re doing, and they’re just getting started. 

Pop Punk Masterpieces of 2008

It seems like the days of being a cool skater kid are long
over, right? In fact, you couldn’t be more wrong. With old-school bands such as
Good Charlotte, Blink-182 and Fall Out Boy making a comeback after being on
hiatus, and I’m here to remind you of why you should never stop
wearing your baggy jeans and backwards caps, with the pop-punk albums that are turning ten this year.


Despite being regarded as a “pretty unremarkable album” by
The Guardian and being booed off stage for playing new songs from it, fans have
grown to love Fall Out Boy’s attempt at reinventing themselves in Folie À Deux. Featuring guest vocals
from talents such as Elvis Costello, Brendon Urie and more, Fall Out Boy
weren’t ashamed to hide their ability to write catchy songs about addiction and
love, shocking their fans more with every release.


The debut effort
that followed the band’s already skyrocketed career was exactly what teenagers
needed back in 2008. Full of catchy lyrics about gossiping and girls, heavy
guitars, bass, and the band’s signature “woah”s, Take Off Your Colours was the perfect soundtrack to the life of a
high school student. I’m pretty excited for a 10-year anniversary tour that
was hinted back on their Night People UK tour early last year!


Bringing it back to the days where all you would see was
Brendon Urie running around in a marching band costume in the ‘Nine In The
Afternoon’ music video on Kerrang!, Pretty.
is Panic!’s second album, influenced by The Beatles and others alike.
Proving that the band has the ability to combine a range of influences into a
cohesive album, their second effort at a full-length still has fans screaming
along to the lyrics ten years on at Emo Nites across the nation.


There isn’t a pop punk playlist on the internet that doesn’t
include the absolute angsty banger that is ‘Gives You Hell’. The band’s third
album provided a mix of their typical four-chord melodies with catchy,
pop-worthy lyrics, giving teenagers the perfect album that embodies lust and


Girls, girls, girls. Without an ounce
of surprise, The Maine’s debut studio full-length embodies the subjects of love
and heartbreak. ‘Girls Do What They Want’ tells the story of a girl who
overpowers the guys that surround her, an anthem for the band’s fans that tells
them they can do whatever they set out to do, and no one can stand in their
way. ‘We All Roll Along’ remains as influential as ever for a song describing
what it feels like to have a sense of belonging, materialising their fanbase as
a safe haven, known as 8123.  

Interview with… Martin Broda of Cherry Pools // 03.02.18

Picture this: 80s pop, pastel colours and happy-go-lucky guitar riffs that make you want to dance around with a hairbrush in your bedroom. Vocalist Martin Broda, guitarist Matt Krumins,
bassist Talyn Prior and drummer Sean Medeiros make up the aesthetically
pleasing Toronto, Canada quartet, Cherry Pools, who do exactly that.

When Broda isn’t having vehicle trouble on the way to their first date of their
first supporting tour with PVRIS, he’s creating art any way he possibly can.
Whether that’s writing songs, photography, or drawing between sets, he likes to
embrace his creative side.

Cherry Pools, previously known as Cherry Waves, formed their new name due to
copyright issues with Sony over popular Deaftone song of the
same name. “It’s kind of funny. I was sat at our producer’s house by the pool,
working on our latest release trying to come up with new names. I looked over
at the water, and ended up with Cherry Pools,” Broda explains.

The blue-haired vocalist had been a part of several other successful music
projects, such as Curses and Abandon All Ships,
before forming Cherry Pools. He says it gives you a new outlook than those who
start with no previous experience when it comes to the music industry; “It
gives you a huge amount of education, and I feed off other people creatively.”

“I was raised on pop,” says Broda. “My older sister is into Spice Girls,
Whitney Houston, Backstreet Boys… typical 80s pop,” he explains. Though his
previous projects were considerably heavier than Cherry Pools, Broda says that
he always tries to integrate his influences despite the genre, “I always try to
include it in my vocal hooks whenever I can.”

Prior to forming Cherry Pools and after his previous band split, Broda had a
job back home in Toronto to keep himself busy. This caused him to go into a
“really weird place mentally,” as he felt he had abandoned music, and made him
question whether he really wanted to go back to normality after the life he had
previously been used to. “I had a job, my co-workers said that I had a talent.
I couldn’t give it up,” he explains.

Cherry Pools’ single, ‘Are You in Love’, which was released February 9, has
been commended for its happy-go-lucky sound and its similarity to The 1975’s
work – the minimalistic melody and off-beat lyrics are reminiscent of their
distinct sound.

Working closely with PVRIS’s director Raúl Gonzo, who has previously directed
bold coloured masterpieces for SAINTE and Melanie Iglesias, Cherry Pools took
inspiration from the “gimmicky pop vibe” of current music videos and formed a
pastel storyboard on popular website Pinterest, before bringing it to life.

Broda says he doesn’t mind the comparison, but he doesn’t necessarily agree
with it. “I enjoy The 1975 and I can see the connections, but I think pop is
moving in that general direction. Are You in Love is anthemic, it doesn’t have
a specific influence.”

With the release of their debut single, ‘Forever Young’, and ‘Are You in Love’,
Cherry Pools rose in popularity before joining PVRIS on their North American
tour. Their first show of the tour is in Atlanta, Georgia, and is almost sold

“There’s going to be a lot of new faces. We’re playing to such big rooms. We
can’t wait to engage with them,” Broda states in excitement, before adding that
the band would most likely hang out at their merch stand after their sets to
help build up relationships with their audiences.

With the anticipation rising for more music from the band, Cherry Pools can’t
resist in sharing some of their future plans. “PVRIS are doing amazing. We want
to build a fanbase, and maybe once our EP is out, we’ll think about a headline

Their third single, currently unnamed, is aimed to be released in April, with
another two following before all five singles join together into an EP. “We’ll
be focusing on our album whilst it’s rolling out, so we can aim for late 2018,
early 2019 for the album.”

Cherry Pools are set on making the best possible music that they can. “The EP
is one of my favourites. Every song has its own vibe. It’s mysterious, upbeat,
very diverse. I’m excited for what the future holds for Cherry Pools.”

Catch Cherry Pools on tour this February through March supporting PVRIS across
North America, starting on February 15 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Twitter: www.twitter.com/cherrypools

Facebook: www.facebook.com/cherrypoolsband

Website: www.cherrypoolsband.com

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