Anarbor - Anarbor

Anarbor - Anarbor

Hopeless Records

29th July, 2016

Three years later and Anarbor is officially back from their not-so-official hiatus, with a self-titled album that references their old sound but also something new perfectly. 

 This band has easily been one of those that I’ve listened to constantly throughout my teenage years, and hearing about their new release only made me excited to hear more of the music I’ve loved for so long. 

Starting off with ‘Freakin’ Out!’ takes me straight back to the vibes from their previous albums based around alcohol and their troubles with girls. This album is no exception to their fun yet simple lyrics, that you’d soon find yourself singing along to without knowing the words properly. 

The fifth song on the album, ‘Paint This Town’, gives a perfect throwback to the album ‘Free Your Mind’, the lyrics to the chorus having a feel as if it’s a follow on from the chorus in their song ‘You and I’. Despite the album having a much slower pace than the rest of their discography, it’s still very much Anarbor with their perfectly placed backing vocals and Slade Echeverria’s distinctive voice. 

‘Through The Night’ starts with a heavy drum beat that continues throughout the song, alongside meaningful lyrics - “Don’t try to save me, I’m crazy, will we make it through the night?” – making this song perfect if you want to blast it loud and push away your troubles like many pop-punk kids do. 

If you liked Anarbor’s previous work, you should definitely give this album a try. It’s edgy yet laid back, but not too different from their past albums. Despite their long break away from anything Anarbor related, the album is full of angst with a hint of romance, just like always.

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