Waterparks - Entertainment

Waterparks - Entertainment

Equal Vision Records

January 26th, 2018

Back louder and better than ever before, Waterparks shows that they’re not here to mess around and brings a taste of exactly what it feels like being in love with their second full-length album, Entertainment.

First song ‘11:11’ starts with an electronic melody that makes you feel like you’ve walked into a Stranger Things episode, before layering the strong guitars and drums that Waterparks are known for to deliver a clever-worded love song for vocalist Awsten Knight’s now ex-girlfriend.

Hidden between Knight’s unusually fast lyrics are several popular culture references – referencing Cinderella and The Office, his cleverly hidden metaphors describe a time where being in love was a struggle for him mentally.

‘Peach (Lobotomy)’ opens with a catchy whistle and a soft guitar riff, making it easy to pass it off as yet another basic love song. It’s hard to ignore the clever lyricism hidden behind
the upbeat music, explaining how Knight wouldn’t adjust to the time zones when
he was on tour overseas, so he could stay awake at the same time as his
girlfriend. Using yet another metaphor, Knight describes his feelings as them
taking over himself so nothing was left but his love, as if he has received a

The next song that manages stands out in the blur of happy-go-lucky melodies is ‘Not Warriors’, a mix of vocal effects and electronic lullabies – “There’s nothing in my system so I’m feeling what I feel for you” sings Knight, explaining how he has no choice but to deal
with his feelings as he does not drink, yet sometimes wishes he did; a
reoccurring theme within Waterparks songs.

TANTRUM’ is the stand out song of the album, calling out everyone that has ever done wrong to the vocalist. Beginning with a sarcasm-filled Google Translate-inspired voice message, discussing the criticism that Waterparks has received in the past. “I resent
the party scene … its turned my starry friends into uninspired’s lacking
symmetry,” Knight sings, again mentioning his abstinence of drugs and alcohol
and his distaste for that scene.

Entertainment proves that the new Waterparks direction is as cohesive and relatable s they can get. With their music involving different elements of different genres, it is easy
to say that everyone should be able to find a song they like. They know what
they’re doing, and they’re just getting started. 

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