Marmozets // Southampton // 03.02.18


Engine Rooms, Southampton

3rd February, 2018

(Photo by Phoebe Lauren)

Marmozets, fronted by powerhouse vocalist Becca Macintyre, are a Yorkshire rock band that display the energetic stage performance every band should have.

Marmozets showcase the fire and passion of their latest album Knowing What You Know Now to a packed-out Engine Rooms of all ages with the energetic song ‘New Religion’. There’s no hesitancy in what they do, they know
exactly what their fans want and they give it to them with twice the intensity.

They bring something new to the table with every song. ‘Habits’ has Macintyre’s full vocal range standing out
and lingering in the atmosphere as the crowd sings along to the catchy and
complex tune.

‘Insomnia’ takes you down a slow
and winding road, a peculiar tale of sleepless nights thinking about a lover once
lost. The crowd stays enraptured from beginning to end, despite the dip in
pace, and the energy picks up as the band go straight into the audience’s
favourite, ‘Suffocation’.

The off-tempo stylings get the
place moving; the head-bangers kick into gear, matching the energy levels of
the band themselves as they jump around the stage, interacting with the

“Never give up on yourself, promise
me that,” Macintyre takes some time to talk to the crowd before the band launch
into long-time fan favourite ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’.

Marmozets aren’t just another one
of those female-fronted rock bands that seem to be cropping up everywhere. With
more than a handful of songs that could be fit for any headline festival slot,
their live efforts prove that they are the ones to keep an eye on. 

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