5 Seconds of Summer - Youngblood

5 Seconds of Summer - Youngblood

Capitol Records

June 15th, 2018

I was originally texting my girlfriend my thoughts of the new 5sos album whilst listening to the first two singles, when she gave me the idea to turn it into a blog post instead. So here it is, my thoughts, feelings and fangirling moments of hearing Youngblood in full for the first time.

1: Youngblood. It’s impossible to not start clicking away in time with the first verse. I feel sorry for my neighbour because I’m currently blasting the album from our google home, and let me tell you, that tiny annoying thing is LOUD. This song is a pure tune, and the chorus just brings out my wonderful dad dancing into action. 

2: Want You Back. This song instantly makes me want to be sat in the back of a car, my head against the window, staring longingly outside of it. It’d be even better if it just happened to start raining. It’s dramatic as hell, and I am LIVING for it.  

3: Lie To Me. As always, a sweet and catchy as hell chorus. It’s pretty sad and relatable to pretty much anyone who has gone through a break up that they’re not completely over. My dog’s currently sat staring at me as I dramatically sing to her “I know he’s taking off your dress, I know that you don’t but if I ask you if you love me, I hope you lie, lie, lie, lie, lie to me.”

4. Valentine. What a TUNE. 10/10 bop. I’ve loved this ever since I heard it for the first time at their London show in Heaven. I don’t know if it’s just the funky melody or Michael’s voice in his solos, but I can’t handle it. I end up squealing and replaying it constantly because I miss my favourite lines, like Michael’s solo *cough*.

5. Talk Fast. Again, a damn BOP. That’s all I have to say. The chorus is great and so are the verses, aka, a bop. I just want Luke to take what he can get from me. 

6. Moving Along. So far there isn’t a single song that isn’t great. This is one hell of a tune, 10/10 break-up song. My other dog has now joined in staring at me as I dramatically sing along as if Zoe has broken my heart multiple times (disclaimer: she has not). 

7. If Walls Could Talk. This is the first song on the album that i haven’t heard before from their London show. I think it’s gonna be a grower, I can tell. It’s pretty good but not as instantly catchy as the others so far. THAT CHORUS THO. “I’d love to marry your face.” - (Hood, 2018). 

8. Better Man. I love this one. It’s honest. It’s no surprise that the 5sos boys are into partying. Ugh, it’s so SWEET. One thing I can definitely say is that this song is going to fuel all of the bad boy 5sos Wattpad fan fictions to come. 

9. More. Well fuck me, that guitar. This one definitely has a more punky style to it, which is sweet. An ‘Are You Mine?’ Arctic Monkeys kinda vibe. ASHTON SLAY THOSE DRUMS.

10. Why Won’t You Love Me. The intro is electronic as fuck and i love it. THE FEELS. I just wanna give them all a hug and tell them I love them all. I can already picture all of the flashlights and arms swaying in arenas as fans scream “Whyyyyy won’t you love me?” with tears streaming down their faces at the realisation that 5sos most likely do not know they exist. 

11. Woke Up In Japan. This is literally the sadder version of English Love Affair. The last two lines of “I woke up in Japan, woah” are giving me real Panic! Death of a Bachelor vibes and I’m not even mad about it. It works. 

12. Empty Wallets. I relate to this song too much because I am currently broke since I’m a university student AND I’ve been jobless for 6 months now. As usual, the chorus is bomb. Dad dancing my heart away. MICHAEL’S SOLO. I’M DEAD. I’m sure you’ve realised which member is my favourite now. 

13. Ghost of You. MY HEART. I’M SOBBING. I just wanna find out who hurt them so bad so I can get their location, y’know? My dog has decided to come and lay on me, I think he can tell how depressing this song is, too. Oh, no. He’s left me. Now I feel just as heartbroken.

14. Monster Among Men. What. The. Fuck. I wasn’t prepared for Michael’s solo. I feel like this has a mental health message behind it in a way, which is nice. If not, it’s relatable in that sense anyway. It’s a pretty good song, I’d probably say it’s more of a grower again, though.

15. Meet You There. That bass, Calum. You go, boy. ASHTON YES. This one is a definite bop. THAT CHORUS GOD DAMN. This is some Twenty One Pilots kinda shit, and I am loving it. They went HARD.

16. Babylon. The intro alone makes me know this is going to be one hell of a heartfelt tune. Calum Hood has made this song his bitch. I don’t know what to say, honestly. This song received the hype it deserved, and there will be riots if it isn’t on the setlist for the Meet You There tour. 

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