Interview with… Vinyl Staircase // 9.11.17

The lads in Vinyl Staircase aren’t just a mystery when it
comes to their online presence, but also that they like to encase themselves
with the ideology that they’re just another one of those no-genre bands that
would love to own their own pub.

TIDO had the chance to catch up with the independent band
before their Southampton gig at The Talking Heads with Syd Arthur. Hailing from
Dorking Surrey, England, the four-piece band consists of brothers Luke and Jake
Andrews, as well as fortuitous George Ogle who won £500 on a slot machine the
day before tour, and member of the BC Federation of Drift Fishers, Mike Thorpe.

Despite their lack of songs available to listen to online
since their early days EP ‘Aquarelle’ was hidden on Spotify, Vinyl Staircase
have been swept under the arms of NME and
Wolf Alice, leaving a lot of people wanting to hear more.

“We don’t have any fans… but if we did, they’d expect some
noise.” Jokes bassist George Ogle, slouching back comfortably into a chair in
the venue’s dedicated pub room. “If you’ve seen us live before… we’ve recorded
the loudest song and the quietest song, so it’s just both sides of us.”
explains guitarist Jake Andrews, suggesting that the band’s new material has
something for everyone.

Having just finished recording their new music for the new
year, the band state that they will always put their music out on anything
physical as long as there is a demand for it. “We won’t just spurt it out for
no reason. If they want it, we’ll give it to them.” Explains Jake. “We’re
hoping to put out these new songs physically on CD, maybe vinyl. It’ll be on
all streaming platforms; Spotify, Deezer.”

Vinyl Staircase are currently on tour supporting the
psychedelic jazz band Syd Arthur, which has given them a new approach to music.
“It’s good to get a chance to listen to the same band a couple of nights in a
row. In the same way that an album kind of grows on you, it’s nice to kind of
let a set of music grow on you.”

Whilst exploring the UK, the band have experienced a lot of
new cities and venues alike, yet feel that their favourite will always be their
local venue The Boileroom. “We played a gig with a band called Van Zeller, who
are from Bristol. That was at The Louisiana, that was a really nice venue.”
drummer Jake Andrews explains, whilst his brother Luke shows his appreciation
for The Boileroom’s booker. “Shout out to Duncan Smith. He has a good moustache
and puts on good bands.”

“People try to put this psychedelic thing on us, we just do
what we want to do,” says George, who admits that the band have some typical
rock and roll influences, such as songwriter Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones,
yet they do not like to force themselves into a specific genre.

Vinyl Staircase are currently unsigned and plan on staying
that way for the time being. “If we could do it ourselves ultimately and
maintain it to a good level, then I think everyone would want to do it. It’s
always better if you do it yourself.” George notes. In an ideal world for
almost every band out there, they would like to sign to a label where all of
the creative control is with them, and they wouldn’t have anyone tell them what
to do.

“I feel like the value from a record label would be advice,” says Jake. “When
it gets territorial, like ‘you’re doing the second album now’, it’s not
something we would do.”

Grinning over a can of beer, the contentment is obvious when
it comes to the lads’ current life on the road. “We’re very much not looking
forward to going home,” admits Luke. “We’re having a blast. Definitely feels
like it agrees with us. Playing music every night, and having that be your one
aim.” Bassist George shows his frustration with a heavy sigh, “I’m the driver,”
he explains, leaning back into his armchair. “But it’s pretty much the dream.
When you stop driving, you’re either in a pub or a venue. You have a beer and
play some music.”

However, the tour life isn’t always as glamourous as free
beer and being on the road and in a different pub every day. “Someone tried to
break into our van last night. That was almost a setback,” explained vocalist
Mike, rolling his eyes before taking another sip from his beer. “Yeah… don’t go
to Leicester,” jokes George, before Mike nods and threats with a playful smirk,

“Don’t fuck with our band.”

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